Open a thermos bottle with Kampo(漢方)

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Introduction by voice.
(Full text of this chapter) 


Oops! What kind of spell? Sorry for those who seemed to be … .

This time it is a story of BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) which I see occasionally.

I often see this various products.

Although it is a traditional Kampo medicine that mainly emphasizes diet aspect, let’s first check what is inside.

There are quite a few kinds of medicines in this prescription, so it is hard to memorize.

If you do not keep using it for a while, it will disappear from memory several times after a while.

By the way, although it is not a big problem in practice, it is written in Shanghai Science and Technology Publication book “17 kinds”.
(Kampo counts crude drug as 1 taste, 2 taste⦅味⦆)

Oh, the number seems to be somewhat different?
(If you have enough time please check the number)

The answer is written in Senmeiron(宣明論)as a powder except for ginger and drink it with ginger.469027

That’s a total of 18 taste.

In other words, it is just a question of whether ginger is written in the state that it is from the beginning.

Previously, when my friend helped me study the international traditional herbal medicine exam … .

No, I was honored to teach my friend’s study.

Because it is a so-called “test”, I also cared about such details.

Well it is a wonderful friend to me, so occasionally I should return the borrowing.

By the way, BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) is a herbal medicine also used for obesity.

Besides, it has a function to chill the body’s heat and dissipate its etiology.

Kampo says, ” BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) that solves the surface and inside at the same time“.表裏双解剤)(ひょうりそうかいざい)

There is also the effect of improving body water circulation and giving bowel movement.

It is said that it is suitable for people with constipation who are obesity type of physical strength with Kohou(古方)school.

In fact, it is used for obesity, constipation, urine volume reduction, edema, hot flashes, stiff shoulders.It can also be used for hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes, etc. with such symptoms.

Some people may cause stomach discomfort, nausea, abdominal pain or diarrhea, depending on the person, so be careful.

Especially, because diarrhea is “main action”, I think that the amount is too much, or I think that selecting this medicine is a mistake.

By the way, it is written in various books that the ingredients of rhubarb are fragile as they heat up.

It is said that “KOUGE(後下)” is said to start decoction from the later.

However, in experiments, it is said that Sennoside A, a laxative ingredient of Rheum officinale, is not too broken even by ordinary decoction.

(Incidentally)The same sennoside A is also in Senna.

However, it is not recommended to boil Senna tea for a long time though bad constipation.

But BOUHUUTUUSYOU SAN is a powder.

Since SAN(散)is a powder, it is not decocting.

However, it is better to decoct gypsum. (Because it is hard …)

The presence of the extract is grateful. However, it is something strange that it is a powder extract.

It is as if it is ” Nonflammable fire” or itself is contradictory.

If you think about it, it is not easy to know this BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) .

Well, Everything is deep.

By the way, depression may become overeating due to recovery, and side effects of antidepressant medicine may promote appetite and become obese.

In such a case, it seems that there is a case where BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) is used at a hospital.

In short, in addition to the effect of improving obesity, it is said that enhancing Noradrenaline(excitatory substance) release, has the effect of restoring the decrease in “energy” for depressed patients.

In addition to improving obesity, we can also improve our energy. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

However, in Japanese  herbal therapy , we think that “state” such as “depression” is “Kikyo(気虚)” state because we are out of energy.

(There are other patterns such as Kankiukketu⦅肝気鬱結⦆, but I will omit it this time.)

In contrast to this, it is basically to increase energy by using famous “ginseng” energy-increasing medicine(補気剤).

Dramatic effects may not be seen until replenishment is over. However, when supplementation is over, you can expect complete recovery.

If energy is campfire, firewood is necessary to burn the fire.

It is fundamental, but increasing this is extremely important.

Hot medicines such as Ephedra(麻黄) included in BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN (防風通聖散) can burn the fire. However, this is a way to fan it just without adding firewood at all.

This is similar to the state of accumulating debts without improving the deficit.

It may be good temporarily, but it is fundamentally getting worse.

Ultimately it will be “Fire that does not burn“.

It is so-called “emergency measure“, so please refrain from using it unless absolutely necessary … .
Please use it systematically … .

In Western medicine,
“Even if I try to put on insulin, the pancreatic beta cells are exhausted so much that they can not be delivered”
A treatment method for forcibly issuing insulin with SU medicine which promotes insulin secretion to a diabetic patient of long ago was done often in the past. However, it has not been done much recently.

I wonder why?
The answer is blowin ‘in the same wind.

Incidentally, there is a reinforced insulin therapy that began to be said in recent years.
This is a remedy that supplements insulin from the outside and makes the pancreas rest.
It is aimed at giving a holiday and restoring the function of the pancreas in the meantime.
In the past, though there was thought that it was the final stage when insulin injection was given, in recent years it is recommended because it is more likely that starting insulin injection will stop insulin relatively quickly.

By the way, I talked about depression, so I will introduce it,
“Psychosomatic Medicine Understanding at Cartoon”(少年画報社).
I think you can study and enjoy it very much.
Please read it if you like.

By the way, according to T company of Oriental medicine, the fat burning effect of BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) is that Ephedra contains a large amount of ephedrine(麻黄) and that Licorice(甘草), Schizonepeta tenuifolia(荊芥), Forsythia suspense (連翹)have 2.5 times more potent phosphodiesterase inhibitory action than caffeine It seems to be due to having.

By the way, phosphodiesterase is an enzyme that hydrolyzes a cyclic phosphate diester such as cAMP. As it is not decomposed when it is inhibited, the substances involved in it are long. In this case, the exciting action will be sustained.

And as a result, brown adipocytes, which is a tissue that creates heat, are activated, and lipolysis of white adipose tissue is promoted.

In summary, BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN is “a medicine with a clear pharmacological action that activates brown fat cells and exerts fat burning effect in addition to lipolytic action on white adipocytes”.

β- 3 receptor exists on the surface of adipocytes, it seems that it binds to Ephedrae herb and promotes the burning of fat, and it exerts its power in the decomposition and combustion of fat.

Well, I guess so … .

I think that it only has to be prescription that contains a large amount of Ephedrae herba(麻黄). For example, it is KAKKONNTOU(葛根湯).

By the way, there was a lecturer who was told that BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN (防風通聖散) was not effective for obesity at the medicine study meeting held in Yamaguchi prefecture before … .

What courage. Poor for T company … .

However, it is probably because the amount of Ephedrae herba is small … .
(Eh ~ and)

Originally (in Kampo), using BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) is a medicine that solves both the surface and the inside表裏具実)ひょうりぐじつ.

In modern medicine it is one type of fever infectious disease.

However, I think that it may be difficult to understand the medicine that solves this surface and the inside,so I will try disassembly.

How about “medicine to solve the surface and inside(表裏具実) = internal heat (裏実熱)+ cold surface(表寒)”?

In other words, the symptoms are
internal fever, such as

mouth bitterness, mouth dryness,hyperemia of eyes, sore throat, irritability,
abdominal distention, constipation,concentrated urine,etc(裏熱).


It becomes a cold symptom on the surface,such as
chills, headache, perspiration, cough, dyspnea(表寒).

And it usually accompanies high fever.

By the way,
the tongue is red(紅), the moss is thick yellow(黄厚膩苔),
the pulse is fast, slippery or like thread(滑数~弦数).
(This part is for advanced students ….Details will be abbreviated.)

Reasons for high fever are the increase of fever due to inflammation and hypermetabolism in the body(裏実熱), the addition of cold and infection,superficial vasoconstriction(表寒).

Exposure to cold or infection causes superficial vessel contraction and sweat gland obstruction. Then the heat in the body will eliminate the escape place.

That’s why the heat rise will be considerable.

For example,
it is a “thermos bottle with hot water that the lid will not open” (!).

To treat this,
you have to open the lid, throw away the contents and cool inside.

This is making “BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) ” realizable.

This is realized because cold medicine lowers the fever and Ephedrae herba etc.are helping antipyretic .

as an application of BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) of modern Kannpou,
it is thought that it is effective also for skin pyogenitis(祛風清熱), urticaria, hemorrhoids etc. caused by wind and heat rise inside the body because it has the effect of suppressing heat and remove “wind evil(風邪)“.

regarding “diet effect”, in a book, it is written that “you can try it.”

Let’s see the composition of BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) .

Crude drugs (red is hot medicine⦅温薬⦆ · blue is cold medicine⦅寒薬⦆) · black is flat medicine⦅平薬⦆)

Schizonepeta tenuifolia(荊芥)·Saposhnikovia divaricata(防風)·Ephedra(麻黄)·Peppermint(薄荷)
(sweat it, lower the heat)

Rheum officinale(大黄)·Natural aqueous sodium sulfate(芒硝)
(eliminate accumulated feces, suppress inflammation tendency)

Gardenia jasminoides(山梔子)·talc(滑石)
(to excrete heat by urine)

plaster(石膏)·Scutellaria baicalensis(黄芩)·Forsythia suspense(連翹)·Chinese bellflower(桔梗)
(to cool body’s heat)

Angelica(当帰)·Peony(芍薬)·Cnidium officinale(川芎)
(supplements blood, makes blood flow smoother)

Atractylodes ovata(白朮)·Ginger(生姜)·Licorice(甘草)
(to improve gastrointestinal function)

The “thermos bottle that does not open”

①”Cold heat by perspiration” Herbal medicines break open the lid of the thermos bottle that has stopped opening.

②”Take out heat with feces” ③ “To excrete heat in urine”Crude drugs throw out the hot water inside.

④”Cool the heat in the body” Crude medicines directly throw the ice into the thermos bottle and cool it.

⑤ “Supplement blood and make blood flow smooth” Crude medicines replenish new fresh blood.

⑥ “Have the gastrointestinal function improving” Do not let other medicine hurt the stomach.

With that unit(?)We will approach the solution.

I think that the content has been elucidated much.

Let’s Drug Design a little BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) here.

By the way,
Drug Design is “a method of developing a substance with a new effect by modifying a part of its structure based on knowledge about the relationship between known chemical substance structure and pharmacological action It is.

eh! To change the chemical structure in traditional Kampo(漢方).

since the traditional Kampo(漢方) medicine has started thousands of years ago,
it can not do such a thing.

there is a “moderation method(加減法)” that adds or subtracts herbal medicines contained in the medicine.

In China,
Kampo(漢方) doctors often adjust “decoction” in a form that is perfect for that person using “adjustment method” in many cases.

For example,
BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN(防風通聖散) adjustment,
if there are no symptoms such as chills, headaches, or sweating, Schizonepeta tenuifolia(荊芥)·Saposhnikovia divaricata(防風)·Ephedra(麻黄) removes.

If there is bowel movements, reduce the yellow rhodium glauberite

If there is bowel movement ,If there is bowel movements, reduce Rheum officinale(大黄)・ natural sodium sulfate(芒硝).

If Headache,Eye Hyperemia is bad, add Chrysanthemum flower(菊花) and Arctium lappa seeds(牛蒡子) etc and remove Angelica(当帰)·Peony(芍薬)· Atractylodes ovata(白朮) … etc.

And that’s how it goes.

I do not want to think too much,
but what if we limit the number of herbal medicines that can be used due to worsening relationship with a certain country?

Hmm … let’s do something.

①To sweat. To lower the heat

Schizonepeta tenuifolia
(Remove wind bad from the body⦅祛風解表⦆. Stop blood)

Saposhnikovia divaricate
(Eliminate wind bad from the body, eliminate moisture, calm pain, suppress convulsions)

(sweat it, improve breathing difficulty and asthma, excrete extra moisture as urine out of the body)

(Remove wind and heat from the body surface, reduce headache, adjust your throat, cure it by making the rash quickly rash)

②Take out heat with stools

Rheum officinale
(Eliminate stool which is collected, remove heat and fires, detoxify, remove blood stagnation)

Naturally occurring hydrous sodium sulfate
(to eliminate the accumulated faeces with heat, to soften and excrete the dried and hardened feces, to suppress inflammation, to cause swelling)

③excrete heat into urine

Gardenia jasminoides
(It lowers the heat in the body, improves irritation⦅瀉火除煩⦆, excretes extra moisture as urine, suppresses inflammation of the vascular system, improves the condition which is easy to bleed due to heat, detoxifies)

(excrete extra moisture as urine, improve urination disorder, resist summer heat)

④Cool body heat

(lower body heat, improve nerve enlargement, stop thirst)

Scutellaria baicalensis
(It lowers the heat in the body, dries the moist, it detoxifies, it stops blood, it stabilizes the fetus)

Forsythia suspense
(It lowers the heat in the body, detoxifies, dissolves purulent mass)

Chinese bellflower
(enhancing lung function, expectorating, draining pus)

⑤Supplement the blood. Smooth blood flow

(supplement blood, remove blood stagnation, calm pain, moisturize bowel)

(cultivate the blood, converge “YIN” complement liver blood, make liver energy smooth, calm the pain, make the “liver YANG” gentle⦅養血斂陰、柔肝止痛、平抑肝陽⦆)

Cnidium officinale
(Smooth blood flow, make energy smoother, eliminate the wind’s evil from the body, calm the pain)

⑥Improve gastrointestinal function

Atractylodes ovata
(Supplement energy and improve the gastrointestinal system, excrete extra moisture as urine. Antiperspirant. Stabilize the fetus.)

(Expanding body blood vessels to sweat and remove symptoms appearing on the table.Warm the gastrointestinal system, stop nausea, warm the respiratory system, stop coughing)

(Mildens medicine with forceful action, Harmony, Detoxification,Energy replenishment,Make the lungs moist,Stop coughing,Relaxation of acute symptoms. Reduce digestive function injuries.)

The story of the previous composition was like this.

For the sake of clarity, I added the efficacy of each herbal medicine at the same time.

How much can you narrow this from the kind of herbal medicine originally BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN?

Then, I will select a representative from among these.

First of all,
from ①, mint.
This can remove the evil while cooling the body.

But mint seems to be insufficient exclusion power.

Although it is a warm medicine here,
I select ‘confident Ephedra (麻黄)in divergence power’.

select Rheum officinale(大黄) from ②.

I think that this can not be removed.

From ③, select Talc(滑石) that can excrete heat from urine.

Because it is judged that it is a powerful ‘medicine’ .

And from ④ select the king’s Plaster(石膏) of cold drug.

It is very difficult to choose from ⑤, but it is Angelica(当帰).

Because Angelica(当帰) can compensate for blood and remove blood stagnation … .

But I also thought that ‘Peony(芍薬)’ might be okay too.

Strictly speaking, herbal medicine “Peony(芍薬)” does not exist in Kampo.

The one from which the peel of the peony root was removed is called “white Peony(白芍)”. And what does not remove Peony root skin is called “red Peony(赤芍)”.

“White Peony(白芍)” mainly “supplements blood”,
“red Peony(赤芍)” mainly “remove the stagnation of blood”.

I often see Chinese medicine teachers using at the same time.

To further explain,
“Angelica” is divided into a body and a small root,
and although the ancient person says variously.

“body(帰身)” complements “blood(補血)”,
“the small root(帰尾) “smooth blood flow(活血)”.

Returning the story, the last ⑥ is deleted because it is less important … .

So, to say that Mini Ecology BOUHUUTUUSYOUSAN (?) Ephedra,Rheum officinale,Talc, Plaster,Angelica(麻黄・大黄・滑石・石膏・当帰) is decided.I think that there are other opinions because it is based on personal opinion,

please forgive me … .

In Japan


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